Adjusting Your PPC Services And Campaigns During COVID-19 In Australia

As you might have read in our blog about SEO in a time of COVID-19, the pandemic has fundamentally almost every aspect of our lives including how businesses are run. With so many companies having to let go of employees to manage their current financial demands, and some having to close their doors indefinitely, it has never been more imperative that marketers and business owners need to change gears.


Companies that have been fortunate enough to continue operations are still faced uncertainties as they try to keep afloat. For these businesses, it’s all about adapting to survive so that they can potentially thrive. If you’re not among this crowd then you’ll fall behind and potential sink under these uncertain waters.

In the few months that we’ve been under strict regulations of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have fallen under the latter category especially in term of PPC advertising. Recent reports from Variety showed that Facebook and Google may lose over $40 billion in ad revenue as a result of the global lockdown.

It may all seem doom and gloom, but a silver lining lurks for those wise enough to pay close attention to digital marketing strategies like PPC. When adjusted appropriately, by the time we get on the other side of this pandemic, you’re guaranteed success.

Let’s get into some of the approaches to better help your target audience during this crisis.

PPC? During A Global Pandemic? Really?!

PPC campaigns may not seem a viable option right now, but if your business is still running (even though it seems like no one is buying if you’re looking at things from a bird’-eye view

From a bird’ s-eye view, it looks like no one is buying anything right now (and rightfully so, as they have much more pressing matters to attend to), and a waste of time investing services in Australia, but a closer look may change your view.

One of the biggest drops in PPC performance has been in the travel industry, restaurants, bars as well as other businesses within the hospitality and recreational sectors. On the other hand, industries such as on-demand and virtual entertainment companies have thrived in their PPC performance with an increase in search ad conversions of about 102%

Within the B2B sector, PPC performances and services for office supply companies and packaging services have also seen a considerable gain. And if you’re one of the brands providing medical products and services than you’re guaranteed a boost in your campaigns.

Let’s take a look at some expert tips for Australian businesses that want to use PPC to thrive during the coronavirus.

Time To React… Quickly!

This is the time for immediate action. Prior to the pandemic, one of PPC’s best practices indicates that getting into insightful data to prepare yourself for your next campaign is essential. But now that we’re in uncharted territories, uncertainty is the only certainty we can rely on. Therefore, now is the time to:

  • Take educated guesses. If you don’t try, you’ll never know what works and what doesn’t
  • If you don’t try, you’ll definitely fall short and behind your competitors, and when you do, you have better chances of realigning and adjusting your campaigns going forward
  • Speak to PPC experts or a digital marketing company and seek the best help

Filter Your Messaging Carefully!

Your PPC ads, as well as any content you have had created, needs to be thought out very carefully and needs to align with the time we’re in. Make sure that your message is sensitive, empathetic and relevant to the pandemic while tying into your offering to attract both your target audience and the general population. This could allow you to bridge the gap that other brands aren’t looking into.

In so doing, you’ll also be looking into your brand’s value proposition and tapping at the heartstrings of what your products and services mean and can do for consumers during this crisis and beyond.

You will definitely stand a chance of thriving and surviving on the other side of the pandemic.

The PPC industry has changed and will probably never be the same even after COVID-19 passes. This is probably a good thing as it will open business owner, marketers and audiences to new, better and creative ways of making business work. As for us, we’re excited about helping you and developing insightful ways to impact the landscape. For PPC services in Australia, speak to us at Bird Dog today.