Effective Land Management Capabilities

Land Management Software enables organisations such as governments, utilities and rural agencies, and businesses with large multisite operations, to efficiently and effectively manage land rights, inspections, mineral and surface leases in order to control site access permissions to large premises and territories.

If you are responsible for a large geographic territory or a collection of large land resources and are considering the benefits of effective land access software Australia has many such companies who can benefit from the automation and integration of the core disciplines involved in the administration of land management.

Of course no one territory is the same as the next, so the first requirement for anyone looking to effectively manage their land is the ability to configure the software suite to ensure that it meets your specific needs and integrates your employers primary land management workflows, meaning that it should cover everything from land registry and cadastre to the management of natural resources.

Land Management Software provides numerous benefits to improve management and workflow. To begin with, as a centralised software system, regular tasks can be entered and used to ensure that all maintenance requirements or service deadlines are met. Above all else, a centralised system means that everyone involved has a first point of call to find the information they require, which ultimately saves time, provides convenience and also enables the secure management of content with the use of an archive and backup capability. Any system worth using will have mobile capabilities, meaning that if you have colleagues that are regularly out in the field, they too will have immediate access to the same content, documents, drawings, approvals, notes on a particular work items that you have, whilst they are out and about or on location. Ultimately mobile functionality puts the required information at everyone’s fingertips and increases efficiency.

Team capabilities are also enhanced. Land management software will keep teams working as one by enabling documents to be shared securely. These systems can hold documents of varying levels of important, whilst maintaining the ability to ensure that only the persons approved to view a particular document are able to access it. Ultimately a good system will provide complete control over the secure sharing of files with all employees or individuals.

Centralised document sharing also enables approved users to receive update notifications if and when they are made. Equally, progress updates can be issues to third parties such as stakeholders or involved organisations to keep them up to speed with new developments.

As well as centralising project management, land access software provides a range of additional user benefits.

GIS Mapping enables users to view and understand real time geospatial data that can be used to manage leasing and property activity. Interactive mapping combined with land management data can provide valuable insight into your businesses most important assets.

Detailed project planning and makes it possible for companies spanning a range of industries to better organise and manage right-of-way activities.

Ultimately the administrative capabilities of such systems can and do help large companies to increase their operational efficiency, improve business agility, and to meet the challenges of a constantly changing workforce.