Fashionable Wedding Rings: 8 Main Models Of 2020

Ideally, Cool Mens Wedding Rings are forever or for a long time. Until you want a new pair of symbolic decorations for the anniversary, for example. And although sleek rings are the leader of choice among newlyweds, new trends have easily entered bridal fashion. Valeriacustomjewelry will tell you about the main decorations for a wedding. Why the main ones? All the attributes of the ceremony somehow disappear from view in the stream of everyday life. But with wedding rings is a completely different story. Therefore, their choice must be successful!

Wedding Rings

A combination of different colors of metal

Expressive contrasts bring special symbolism and a new aesthetic to wedding rings. One of the most popular is the combination of red or yellow gold with white. The rings look non-trivial and interesting, but within the framework. Even without inserts, they are expressive and original.

White gold

The European trend has conquered the domestic spaces. Now, white gold has almost caught up with the popularity of the classic smooth models made of 585 red gold. Wedding rings set in white gold have a modern touch while staying true to tradition.

Important:  white gold wedding rings are plated with rhodium for shine and a spectacular metallic shade. The procedure is repeated every few years in jewelry workshops.

Matte rings

To determine the type of matte surface, study the article on choosing wedding rings. There are models with a sand effect, and there are options with an interesting texture in the form of deep scuffs.

Rings with stones

Pebbles are the prerogative of engagement rings. But the current fashion is not so categorical as to prohibit something. The main thing is that both halves are comfortable. A good compromise is rings in the same design, but with a stone in the decoration. Track rings fall into the same category.

groom-putting-ring-bride-s-finger_1157-338.jpg (626×417)

Important: The prongs in the ringlets with raised stones can cling to clothes and hair. Consider this fact when wearing daily.

Wedding rings with enamel

Enamel shades lend a solemn touch to a classic piece. The color is rich, but soft. Modern couples are interested in geometric motifs that turn into the national theme of embroidery, and elegant monochromatic patterns. The original and complex technique pleases the eye no less than the brilliance of diamonds. And if you wish, you can also combine!

Rings with cut

Curly notches in the form of geometric shapes, flowing lines or ornate patterns create an incredible shine effect. At the same time, the decoration remains practical and comfortable in everyday wear.

Wide rings

Wide – with a shank from 6 mm. Such models are not for everyone: short fingers make wedding rings even shorter. Of course, everything is relative. And having measured dozens of models, there is every chance of finding the desired pair. Cool if it’s avant-garde rings and a minimalist stone-free vibe, allowing you to concentrate on the exquisite work of the jeweler. Expressive plastic is what is most important in rings with a wide shank.

Black color

The bold trend is becoming more and more popular in the wedding theme. In jewelry, it was realized in the form of jewelry made of black gold (black rhodium plating) or carbon. Black in the wedding theme does not look tragic at all, but as a completely new trend, giving the ceremony and the images of the bride and groom certain mysticism and mystery.

Wedding rings are a beautiful reminder of an important day in the life of a man and a woman. Choosing jewelry in the valeriacustomjewelry catalog is easy to lose your head from beauty! Don’t holds back your emotions and choose rings that will delight the eye every day.