How Technology Has Transformed Sports-Fan Relationship?

The influx of technology has changed almost every aspect of human life. It has changed the working method of every industry across the globe, including sports. Digitalization has not only changed the viewing experience but also transformed the relationships between the fans and their favourite superstars and teams.

Let’s find out how technology has transformed sports-fan relation –

Never miss the game again – The advancement of the technology meant the coverage of the game like never before. Fans could not only watch the games live, but they can stream it live on the go. Fans can now have access to the live matches on their mobile phones to watch their favourite game anytime, anywhere. In case they missed the live game, they can watch the full-game recordings after the conclusion of the game.

Stay connected through Social Media – Fans can now follow their favourite teams and players on social media. They can have a peek into their life beyond the game. Players too these days like to stay connected with their fans and also reply to their fans at times. This connection only raises the fans’ support and enthusiasm to the sports.

No more wrong calls – Nothing annoy the fans more than a wrong call by a referee or an umpire against their favourite team. Tech-assisted refereeing like VAR in fantasy football has allowed the referees to review their decisions and make the correct call.

Test your knowledge with fantasy sports – Dedicated fans can now experience the thrill of the game by playing real-time fantasy games as well. Technology has made it possible for the fans to check their sports knowledge by playing the fantasy game of their choice. A cricket fan can play fantasy cricket and earn points to win rewards by making the right prediction. Same goes for sports like football, basketball, and kabaddi as well.

Get the right information – The emergence of online betting, fantasy sports, and a genuine curiosity in the game has increased the demand for real-time statistics, live analytics, and detailed performance charts. It helps the users in keeping track of their favourite teams and players performances. It also helps improve their decision-making while making the Dream11 Prediction.

Broadening the concept of Fan-Relationship Management – Loyal fans are the biggest assets for any team in the sports world. By leveraging the technology, teams can now manage their relationship with the fans on a better level.