Hydrate And Plump Your Lips This Season


Having dry, chapped lips, especially during the winter is the worst. It’s painful, unattractive and can make us feel like covering up our face every time we talk to someone new. When our lips are hydrated, we feel more confident in our appearance and the simple joy of eating lunch isn’t such a pain anymore.

Keeping that in mind, how can we keep our lips plump, hydrated and kissably soft all winter? The answer is simple. Keep reading as the skincare experts from Bhatt Aesthetics share some easy ways to help you hydrate and plump your lips this season. Let’s get started:

4 Simple Steps To Hydrate And Plump Your Lips

Apply A Lip Mask- there are a wide range of easy to use, effective lip masks available which you can apply any time, day or night. Most lip masks are left on your lips for 15 minutes, them removed with warm water. Lip masks draw moisture into your lips while softening dead skin cells, making them easier to exfoliate away.

Exfoliate- speaking of exfoliation, use a high quality exfoliating scrub and remove any dead skin cells that could leave your lips looking dull and lifeless. Exfoliating your lips is one of the best ways to remove the build-up of dead skin and even out your lip tone.

Nourish And Protect- once you have exfoliated your lips with an all-natural exfoliating scrub, it’s time to nourish and protect them with a lip cream specially formulated for chapped, dry lips.

Juvéderm Lip Hydration Treatment- Volite, from Juvéderm, is an anti-ageing injectable treatment which can leave your lips looking and feeling younger and more hydrated for 9 full months. Volite uses a skin conditioning Hyaluronic acid (HA) gel which is injected into the middle layers of the dermis across the surface of the lips by a professional aesthetician. Volite provides a powerful hydrating effect from the inside, out. This means fuller, healthier, softer looking lips after just one Volite treatment.

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