Why You Must Choose Google AdWords My Client Center?

For all those who have been running an AdWords account in the past on their own sites, the mention of a separate, more advanced account for all those who work as consultants perhaps seem a bit foreign.  However, it is crucial to figure out more about the Google’s My Client Center feature, as it is an important part of the process required to take the AdWords Certification Exam and become Google Certified professional.


My Client Center is basically a tool that Google offers to the advanced level AdWords users who have been managing more than one account at a time. It allows for larger advertisers who are running multiple accounts to keep a track of every company’s AdWords account they have open using one simple interface.

It is the best tool for SEO marketers, optimizers, and bidding managers as well who just keep track of the advertising accounts. Just consider it as a master program that compiles all the data from different AdWords accounts to boost the process of going through each one of them.

With My Client Center, you can work on several things altogether.  You can easily view and work within different accounts, even on other My Client Center accounts, directly via the interface you are provided with. Moreover, you can run reports for a single account or even for all of them, across the board within the tool’s reporting feature. You can even assign a single login for your account and easily and quickly create new AdWords accounts or link the existing ones through the interface.

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The usual AdWords interface will still be working when you start using the My Client Center account in case you just need to access one account at a time, however, with numerous integrated features accessible at your fingertips it is quite rare that you will ever be required to do so.

It is imperative, even if you do not currently require the My Client Center account, to fully understand what it is used for and how it actually operates. You will be tested on it and must have an operation account while you are considering getting your Google AdWords certification. Furthermore, you will be permitted minimal leniency on questions related to this aspect of AdWords. The interface, how it actually works with each account, how do you start a  new account, and how you communicate with profiles and clients through it are all crucial aspects that you must know about.