Take Leverage Of Liferay Portal To Gain Maximum Benefit In Website Development

Web application frameworks are an important source in present day development of a corporate sector. There should be a specific web application or content management system that makes sure that a company’s details are organised in a certain structure.

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Liferay is a free enterprise portal that is used for enabling a corporate intranet and extranet. Primarily a web application or a content management framework, this has features akin to a website.

A liferay portal is a functional unit that offers extensive support for plug-ins and extensions of a programming language. Being the programming interface of Java programmers, this can be installed by primary administrator without technical knowledge.

Features associated with liferay:

  • Using singular presentation layer for businesses, this offers simplified websites for both external and internal websites.
  • Liferay allows contextual personalisation that allows customization possible for its users.
  • The administrator can edit and customise data as per convenience, without any modification in company database.
  • The user can also customise the website by taking prior permission from administrator, for making the website public or private.
  • With a single click, the whole organisation can use a faster interface.
  • Liferay provides support platform for a number of systems such as documents, blogs, web content, wiki pages and image files.
  • With help of liferay portal, many users can get access to a single URL.

Thus, with a number of features available it is time to check out specific benefits that are associated with this portal.

Content management system is an important aspect in case of any organisation. Amongst a host of options, portal liferay is a perfect choice. These tools are portable enough to make sure that they attend any specific business requirement, intranet application or document management solution.

The multi layered capacity that is associated with liferay user interface, provides opportunities for corporate branding and personalisation. With a skilled IT professional, this portal development will get a specialised domain.

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Benefits of using liferay portal:

With a number of tools and intranet applications, this simplifies process of creating business applications.

  • With its set of unique tools, a customised Content Management System can be developed. With its user interface, multiple layers can be created to support desktop conventions and personalisation with easy user adoption.
  • Developers can customise a CMS environment and a document management solution.
  • This platform incorporates within itself open source technologies, a set of languages that provides condition for creation of a flexible website.
  • CMS sites can be used for management of file taxonomy, billing, content and project management. This portal liferay system makes sure that a specific customised structure is followed for betterment of a particular site.
  • Liferay themes can be used for developing a new site that supports market flow of a specific organisation, products, sales channel and its complete workflow.
  • This benefits both big and small companies with their personalisation and development of employee self-service portal and content management system.

For getting maximum leverage of portal liferay system, it is imperative that a well-trained IT professional be chosen. With help of their practical knowledge and specialised technique, they can surely help in getting the best.

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