Which Ball Spline Fits Your Needs Best?

Which Ball Spline Fits Your Needs Best?

First of all, let’s start by explaining what exactly a ball spline is in a simple way.

Ball spline is a linear motion bearing used to execute linear motion without any friction whilst transforming torque.

Friction free system is assured with many grooves that are placed along the length of the shaft. These specific grooves allow bearings to go inside, prevent rotation and offer torque transmittance. Basically, the ball spline is able to endure heavy loads which, combined with the rotation prevention, makes it a go-to tool by professional engineers.

Different Types of Ball Splines

Every single product today comes in different shapes, colors and sizes and we can confirm that the case is the same even when it comes to tools, machines and additional equipment needed during hard manual labor.

Same goes for ball splines. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose from different types, with different purposes.

Rotary Ball Spline – as the name says, these ball splines have a rotary option made possible by angular contact bearings, crossed rollers or other types of elements that ensure rotary motion. However, a rotary ball spline is used for both linear and rotary actions. Since their contact area is greater, rotary ball splines can bear much heavier loads than other ball bushings of the same size.

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Caged Ball Spline – is a ball spline that also comes in different sizes, depending on the weight of the load. The difference in this case is that the balls are situated in a cage which makes them get rid of collision possibilities and mutual friction between the balls. This type of ball spline is used to achieve high speed response by enabling circular motion with evenly spread out balls, placed in the cage.

One Place for All the Types of Ball Splines

Like in most cases that include serious work and dedication to details, the best advice is to turn to the professionals in the field.

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