Budgetvm Reviews: An Honest Web Hosting Overview Of Speed And Uptime

When you explore the market to find a suitable hosting provider for your business you would probably not find much of a difference among diverse hosting companies. For instance, most of the companies in the marketplace offer the same price, same features, and nearly identical support.

However, The Point Is What Makes A Web Hosting Company Stand Out Of The Crowd?

Undoubtedly it is the speed and uptime that it offers to its users. It is undeniable that web hosting uptime is a very crucial parameter for a website owner nowadays as the online presence of a business completely relies on server speed which means the total time for which the server is running affects the operation of the website of a company. When a server is down, the website will not open up, hence potential customer base will not be able to log on to a company’s website, affecting its business adversely. Lower uptimes can be a real disaster because a business will find it hard to stay in touch with their customers and end up with losing website traffic.

Rock-Solid Uptime And Speed With Budgetvm

Budgetmn has many impressive features however what makes this hosting company truly shines is its Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, SSD VPS Servers, OpenVZ VPS Servers, Windows SSD VPS Servers with a maximum uptime guarantee. This provider shares a perfect balance between its prices and features. They not only offer both web chat and 24/7 telephone customer support services but also if for some reason you’re not satisfied, Budgetvm Hosting offers a decent money-back guarantee and a well equipped server management facility with additional few bucks.

Our Experience With Budgetvm Servers

Since we were exploring a reasonable and suitable website hosting provider for our corporate business we came across the Budgetvm. However, before choosing this provider we tried a lot of other popular web hosting companies but all was in vain. Some were so terrible either in their service or in the hidden costs that so we had to drop them. Others had been decent although with some difficulties along the way and only a couple had been fine. Ultimately we choose Budgetvm but initially, we were not quite sure about their services as well. However, using them for a few months we have realized the difference.


For a fast website, you will need to choose a web hosting company that offers maximum uptime and speed guarantee. Keeping this in mind, we would recommend you use Budgetvm’s services once and see the difference. We have attached the screenshot of our business website to show you how fast Budgetvm’s services really are.

Nightmare With Other Web Hosts

We have hosted our business website with other popular web hosting providers however trust me popularity doesn’t make a host excellent. They added a lot of hidden charges in my package for all sorts of ridiculous things. I’ve had experienced a lot of downtime and technical problems with other web hosts with horrible technical support. we’ve had our website go down frequently. But trust us we’ve never had any of these problems with Budgetvm.

That’s not to say that Budgetvm is the only good web host out there. But they are one of them. And considering their low cost (only $12/month) they are a great choice that we highly recommended. We don’t want to get into a name and blame game with some of the other web hosts I’ve had problems with. We just want to say that you are always taking a risk when you start up with a new web host that they may not be all that great.

Conclusion: Is Budgetvm The Right Choice For You?

After going through this review you might be wondering if Budgetvm is the credible alternate for your website. Well, we would say it is. The company offers all-inclusive hosting plans with a plethora of features that help you easily create your website. Along with providing 24/7 customer support from knowledgeable staff they have instant online chat services as well to answer all your questions.

There are a few features that make Budgetvn best choice for you:

  1. The capacity to host unlimited domains with one account.
  2. No hidden costs.
  3. A free domain.
  4. Quality tech support when needed.
  5. A large amount of disc space
  6. MySql, and other such tools.
  7. Very little downtime/Dependable service.
  8. Low price.

Budgetvm has four major packages which include cloud servers, dedicated servers, SSD VPS and Window VPS. Let’s briefly take a look at the four different hosting packages available for your website.

Here is a general overview of their plans and features:

1. Cloud Servers

There is a burgeoning interest in cloud hosting servers. Companies are looking to host their website, email, databases, storage, and much more by taking advantage of the best cloud hosting solutions.

Being ahead from all BudgetVM cloud servers provides immediate scalability on enterprise-class servers that are powered by the most advanced hardware. The servers of Budgetvm occupy leading edge service level agreement, DDOS protection along with 4,000 Gbps network, and 24/7/365 customer support services.

Here is the overview of plans

2. Dedicated Servers

The debate of having a dedicated hosting package for your website is ongoing. But don’t worry, choosing a dedicated server from Budgetvm has its advantages. For instance: Faster speeds, more bandwidth, and the ability to control and manage your server.

Get in touch with Budgetvm data experts and get book dedicated server for your website today.

Here is the overview of plans


Budgetvm offers reliable DDS VPS hosting services that can help secure your website and provide the needed speed to boost productivity. Their ability to provide desirable plans makes them the ideal company to handle your website and blog hosting.

To get a high performance, SSD VPS server from Budgetvm gets in touch with expertise.

Here is the overview of plans

 4. Windows VPS

Experts at Budgetvm enables you to host your personal or business website through a Windows platform. It provides you with the power and flexibility of managing your-panel easily and assist you with further technical requirements.

As like other plans, each windows SSD cloud VPS server includes industry leading service level agreement (SLA), DDOS protection, 4,000 Gbps network and 24/7/365 customer support services.

This is how various customers rated them on the scale of 5 on reputed reviews posting platforms.

If you are just starting or a established business, you cannot go wrong signing up for Budgetvm’s Hosting plans. Once your business start growing you can effortlessly upgrade your hosting plan just by contacting them.