Impact Of Covid On Iot

Enterprise IoT app development is in high demand these days as there is a necessity for increased transparency, Capex reduction, and process automation.  However, the scenario for consumer IoT devices is quite different.

The pandemic of COVID 19 is bringing about a sea of changes in our society and economy. In the coming years, it is anticipated that new technologies will be increasingly adopted as people will need to work from their homes and embrace digital technology in different spheres of life.  In this article, we throw light on the effect of COVID-19 over App development exclusively for the Internet Of things.

Indifference Towards Consumer Iot Devices

Despite people spending more time indoors, there is still a sharp decline in the purchase of personal IoT devices on a large scale. What serves as a key indicator of sales volume is the app downloads for leading consumer IoT devices. A considerable drop in rankings of these apps, as well as their download volumes, has been typical over the last few months. In this regard, mention could be made to the Philips Hue, whose rank in America took a dip of 118 places from No. 233 to No. 351 in over two months. Thus it will not be surprising to witness a gradual downfall in the development of consumer IoT apps

Getting Remote Access To Assets Becomes Essential

The focus of developing IoT apps will shift towards powering tools for remote conferencing. For example, zooming-in will be gaining importance because they let people get in touch irrespective of physical, and geographical barriers. Likewise, tools for remote asset access are booming because they help people to connect with their machines and assets. Not only had they let people communicate remotely with devices, but they also offered the provision of virtual inspections and remote diagnostic with remote support. Livestream recently reported a significant spike in the use of remote expert software.

Help In Scenario Planning With Digital Twins

The supply chain is worst affected by COVID-19, resulting in unprecedented delays in production, shipping, and distribution. IoT app Development Company are emphasizing on the development of digital twins in anticipation of the fact that it could be used for representing the end-to-end supply chain. It will help customers in exploring effective sourcing alternatives, risk assessment, and evaluate trade-offs for automating decisions.   

Innovative Uses Of Drones

In this time of crisis, drones have been beneficial. For instance, they have helped local hospitals in delivering medicines and medical samples related to the COVID-19 virus. It has helped in monitoring public places and proved quite useful in remote surveillance. Likewise, it has been helpful in spreading information and broadcasting messages. Smart drones have been used for spraying disinfectants with drone manufacturer XAG Co. Ltd. leading by example. So it is evident that pioneers of IoT apps will prioritize the allocation of the needful resources to develop software for manoeuvring small to medium size devices from a distant location.

The Surge In Iot Health Applications

Right now, everyone is looking at the healthcare industry for relief. Data collected from different sources is showcasing a sharp rise in the use of digital health solutions related to COVID-19. It includes:

●       Telehealth Consultations:

During the lockdown, there have been increased Telehealth services where a doctor communicates with the patient via video conferencing. Health Hospital for Children at Stanford is conducting more than 600 digital visits daily that was previously a meagre 20.

●       Digital Diagnostics:

IoT devices are being increasingly used for digital diagnostics. Although most of it is still being executed at an experimental level.

●       Remote Monitoring:

It is particularly helpful for elderly people. For example, Livongo Health offers a line of remote IoT monitoring solutions for chronic diseases.

●       Robotic Assistance:

Robots have been extensively used in China for disinfecting, and cleaning hospitals and delivering medicines.

Track And Trace Solutions

There has been a lot of forced manipulation in the supply chain. The visibility of real-time supply chains is proving to be extremely important.  IoT application Development Company is proactively using this data and providing updates to the public about what is going on in their IoT networks.    

The Platform Of Smart City Data

Among the several initiatives of smart city, the most important tool proves to be a platform of data overarching that can be put to use in a time of crisis. For instance, the Smart City Data Hub has served Korea very well when it comes to handling the COVID19 pandemic.  It has served epidemiological investigators to obtain, and confirm data about the COVID-19 virus. Korean line has been followed by other cities like Boston.

Increase Of Iot Retrofits Solutions

Retrofit solutions have proved helpful for companies, and end-users that are not digitally connected. Although they are easy to install, they fall short of providing all the benefits of well-engineered IoT solutions.

Mention could be made to the smart meter retrofit offered by Bosch. It is a good example that enables utilities with meter reading without much of a hassle. The client could be served by a small that they can attach to their meter.  The IoT suite then transfers the collected data in a secured manner to the utility company so there is no need to collect the data in-person for an onsite meter reading.


IoT is still in its early days. Its true is far away from being fully realized. There is an old saying that necessity is the mother of all inventions. The world order pre-covid19 outbreak had a limited paradigm for IoT implementation. The situation post-COVID 19 or the precarious situation that we are dealing in contemporary times have compelled mankind the conventional methods to execute daily related to business, commerce, and domestic activities. IoT has shown that it has the potential to address the issues related to automation, remote surveillance and many more.

Author: Terence Nero

Bio: Enthusiastic tech freak interested in all the latest happening in information technology. I enjoy working with multiple bleeding edge technologies.