Innovative Tools Used By Journalists To Edit Audio And Photos

Edit Audio And Photos

Journalism has evolved to a vast extent over the past few years. Journalists today from around the world can create, share and even edit their pictures and even provide Live coverage to their audience on social media platforms. This not only provides the audience with the best way of watching news but also helps them share the news with other users on their list.

Today, it is more than easier for journalists to cover an event anywhere in the world and provide high-quality footage to their audience. Things have become quite easy with so many Cable TV networks and channels and the internet that is connecting the world.

To neutralize the risk of going obsolete, cable TV networks are upping their game. For example, with Spectrum TV Selectyou get a plethora of news channels from around the world. Other than cable TV, you can catch up on news with all sorts of social media channels.

To keep up with the evolution, journalists also need to increase their pace. Luckily, technology has something for journalists as well. There are various tools in the market that journalists can use today:


If you are on a budget, you can use the free and user-friendly photo editing tool, FotoFlexer. You can make easy tweaks to your photos and use some advanced tools using a desktop-class photo-editing tool. Don’t consider the tool’s simplicity and affordability to be its weakness. Fotoflexer gives you clean and professional quality pictures. You can add frames, and text to your pictures. You can also resize, crop and transform your pictures. There are various more features that come with this tool.


This tool is very effective if you are looking to reach a wide range of audience in real-time. If you are out in the field reporting a crime scene or an event that might be worth promoting, the tool is going to get you a good number of audience. This can be members of your workplace, your customers, or people living around you. You can stream across your channel’s social media, business page, or your website. You can share om channels like Facebook Live, Twitch, Periscope, YouTube and even LinkedIn.


This is a free and user-friendly tool that can perform multi-track editing and works as a recorder for Mac OS X, Windows and other operating systems. The tool was developed by a team of volunteers as open-source software. The tool is an outstanding option if you are looking forward to record live audio clips, computer playbacks using Windows Vista and other advanced operating systems. You can perform operations like copying, splicing, mix sounds amongst others. You can apply different effects to your audio clips including changing the pitch and speed of your recorded clip. One of the best tasks that you can perform is that you can convert your old tapes and records into digital recording and/or CDs


For journalists, YouTube is one of the best and the most convenient tools that can help them in a lot of ways. If you want inspiration to improve your content, gather some information from a historic event that happened in any part of the world, then YouTube is definitely the tool that you should consider using.

If you are good at using keywords and know what you are looking for, YouTube has a vast range of video clips, news footages, Live clips of incidents and events from all over the world. You can also get inspiration by looking at different news anchors and other celebrities to improve your skills. If you have a clip or a footage that you want to share with users online, then YouTube can has 2 billion users throughout the world.


People around the world love to stay updated with the latest developments and events happening around them. These channels and tools can help you as a journalist to get this done more professionally. Using the tools mentioned above, you can create attractive audio/visual news clips, pictures and posts for social media channels without spending too much time, money, or effort.