Some Incredible Android Hacks that are hard to ignore

Do you think that you know everything about your Android app? Well, you should think again about it since you have a few points that you have ignored.

There are so many android hacks that you might not be aware of but if you know them then you won’t be able to ignore them.

Why is a business owner aware of these hacks?

Well, if you are going to hire a Mobile app development company to work for your next project, isn’t you should know everything about it?

Without wasting much time now, here are the high-tech devices and technology hacks in the android apps that you must be aware of.

#1 Private Hacks

We all hate it when someone goes through the pictures or messages on our phone. No matter who that person is, we just loathe that person for invading our privacy. I might be exaggerating it but you get the point.

When someone borrows your phone, you need to be specific and strict with it so that your personal space is respected. So why to be a laughing stock for your friends when you keep things safe and secure for you.

Use the “Screen Pinning” option that is under the security and lock screen option for you. This will pin the app that you want to pin easily.

#2 Bypass your security

The point is that you need to be safe and hence pin up the trusted location that makes it possible to keep your phone unlocked when you are in a safe location. You are at home then why keep your android phone locked? 

Android warning: Trying to stop hackers could make attacks even ...

However, make sure that no private locations are pinned up as the trusted one so that you can avoid any type of security issue. You can find this option under the “Security” option of your phone. This android hack for the smart lock can help you to put the trusted places and avoid unlocking it again and again.

#3 Save Important Files

The biggest issue that many of the users face is losing the important file. The worst thing is that you have no idea how to restore your files that are permanently deleted. As a result, you feel lost and frustrated. 

So why not take leverage of the built-in backup system? This can help in retaining important files on the cloud backup and ensure that you are safe and protected in any of the unforeseen circumstances. This is also highly recommended by the Android app developers that believe that users must use the backup services to ensure that their data is safe and secure. 

You can get the setting on the “System” option in the setting to ensure that backup is done on the account that you want it to be.

#4 Desktop Website

Responsive websites are the trend of the present world. Changing the size of the website as per the screen size is the biggest advantage of it. However, there are times when we just need to have a browser or desktop website for our mobile browser. Especially when you have some websites that are not configured. 

To simplify it, you can use the browser and open the site in the mobile view. Tap the options or three parts at the upper part and tap the desktop site. This will change the website version into the desktop form. Easy and simple.

#5 Google Maps One-Handedly

Using Google maps with one hand busy with phone or laptop is the most annoying thing. You can’t easily zoom in and out of the mobile app when you only have one hand free to pinch in and out. But can there be an easy way to work on the Google maps?

To simplify it, just open the Google maps, and double click on the areas. It is so easy peasy to just work with the Google maps with a double-tap option. Or you can anytime go for the pinch in and out option for zooming in and out. 

#Bonus – Move the keyboard

The keyboard customization is something that not everyone is aware of. So, to make it easy, you can move your keyboard anywhere as per your wish. It is that simple since it depends on your preference. 

There is an icon on the lowermost part of the keyboard (squeezed). This option allows you to move the screen halfway around the phone. 

Well, these are the major android hacks that you can keep in mind while using your smartphone for your benefits. Not only this, even for your business, isn’t it beneficial for you to be aware of all the hooks that you must take leverage of. If you know something that we might not be aware of then make sure to comment below.