Tips To Make Your Video More Mobile Friendly

It doesn’t matter how long the video is. Even a short video of about 10 seconds is capable of inducing the desired emotions amongst people. Similarly, the size of the screen doesn’t matter when it comes to the quality and capability of the video. Watching a video even on a phone can provide your viewer with the same experience as he would have experienced on a big screen. But unfortunately, most of the video makers tend to ignore the mobile aspects of the videos. But, you have to understand that people spend most of their times on their phones instead of their computers. So, it will be best for you if you know how to make mobile friendly videos. Look at the tips that we are providing you.

Keep your videos short

One of the most significant things that a marketer has to keep in mind is the length and quality of a video, whenever they are creating a video for mobile. Right now, most of the millennial are growing with the contents that are short in length. Some studies have found that the best response from the millennial comes from short videos which are as short as 15 seconds. And as the screens of the smartphones are short in length, short ads are any day preferable over long ads. So, if you want to reach a broader level of the audience, it will be best for you if you keep your videos short. Also, to make your videos more interesting, you can use InVideo promo video templates. You will get numerous video templates in InVideo, and all of them are quite attractive.

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Try to make your videos responsive

Whenever you are crafting a video for some specific online platforms like YouTube or Facebook, you have to make sure that the video must be responsive enough. In case, if your video is getting hosted on your website, on your landing page, be precise about the aspect that your video must be optimized for the mobile. Most significantly, you have to take care of the fact that the viewer can adjust the size of the video according to the size of his screen. To get the proper insight about that, what you can do is to view your video in several platforms so that you can understand the video looks good on the default size of the screen, no matter what is the size of the screen.

Essential pieces of your video must be in the centre of the screen

This is one of the most substantial facts that we tend to ignore. But the point is, whenever a user is watching a video, he will hold the device in his hand, and when they are watching a video in the landscape mode, thumbs or a portion of the side is covering the video. Thus, to make sure that the viewer is not missing the most significant pieces of the video, keep those pieces on the centre of the screen as the centre is not covered. It will help your audience to enjoy an unobstructed view, and they will be able to extract the most critical parts of the video effortlessly.

Using large texts will help

Well, it is an undeniable fact that compared to other devices, mobile devices have smaller screens. So, whenever you include texts in your video, you have to be meticulous about the fact that all those texts are readable. And to do that, you can use bold letters, simple fonts and large texts. Also, apply colour in the texts that are vibrant and contrasting from the background colour of the video. Also, keep in mind the words, which you are, using in the video, are short and also use simple phrases for the convenience of the viewers.

Consider the non-audio users as well

You have to determine that not everyone is watching your videos in their comfort zones. Maybe some of them are standing in the line for food while watching your videos, and they are not capable of hearing your video correctly. So, what to do about that? Well, what you can do is to tailor your videos in such a way that it can appeal to the users who are merely scrolling through the feeds on mute or don’t want audios in their video. This is the time when you must use your text strategically so that the viewer doesn’t have to bother about sound.

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The target points of the video must be appropriate

If you are planning to tailor videos for the sake of advertisements on several online platforms like Facebook and YouTube, it will be handy for you if you use the targeting options. For instance, you can target your videos according to locations, bandwidth speed or you can just publish your videos on a specific time of a day, regularly.

Thus, these are some of the tips that you can opt for if you want to make your videos mobile friendly.