Toronto Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help You Understand Your Rights Deeply

Even a simple thought of getting into any sort of close encounter with the police and the law authorities can alone make any one jitter. This may happen under only two situations, one the person is actually at fault and second the lack of information about their rights. When police wishes to interact with any person in Toronto it must be done as per prescribed procedure. And the person is too entitled to certain rights under Charter of Rights and Freedom act. For more knowledge the person may get in touch with Toronto defense lawyers as they would prove to be very helpful.


As suggested by Toronto defense lawyer these rights may differ depending upon the access demanded and way of execution. For example the rights are different if a person is being contacted and interrogated at home or on a street etc. Know more about us and make a well-informed decision.

  • Rights at home: Home is a personal space no one, not even any police men or law authority may enter without permission. It is completely privately owned space or place of the individual. If police visits to inquire about any crime or unlawful activity in the surroundings, the person is under no obligation to entertain them. They may choose to remain silent and contact their defence lawyer before making any statement. The interrogation may happen at the door itself, the person may or may not invite the police inside their private premises. Under certain circumstance, if search is needed to be performed then they must be allowed inside the house only if they have the search warrants. Situations when, evidence destruction is foreseen or some unlawful activity is being carried out, or weapons are predicted to be in the premises, police may enter without any search warrant. Visit Facebook for more information.
  • Rights on the street: Everyone must have crossed police once or twice in a day. It seems normal however it becomes little awkward when they are stopped by to have a conversation. Conversation again can be casual, but if it start intruding the personal space or restricting movement then it becomes a matter of concern. If any policemen stops and asks to stay with them, apply force to insist, without the person’s will it is as good as being arrested. Under such situation, when the conversation gets over, one may seek permission and leave. In case permission is not granted, they have a right to probe question of why they have been detained or stopped. Four Square offers immense information on the subject.
  • Rights while driving: Getting stopped by policemen while driving seems a routine activity that they might be performing. Anyone could be stopped on the certain driving grounds only. The situations like the traffic rules not followed, casual checking if carrying licence or not, basic regulatory pollution checks, vehicle can be stopped. However that does not give them a right to detain or perform arrest or conduct any vehicle search. If a request made by police is polite and sober enough only then the permission can be granted.