Uncover the Secret of Ferrite Core in Power Transformer

Uncover the Secret of Ferrite Core in Power Transformer

—OUGE gives you an in-depth insight into power transformer core

Each transformer has its own ferrite core, which uses magnetic materials and its main component is Mn-Zn. However, due to the difference in formula and producing process, there are many brands of ferrite core materials, and the characteristic parameters of each brand are also different, including frequency range, initial magnetic conductivity, specific loss factor, specific temperature coefficient, saturation flux density, etc. Next, OUGE will introduce the ferrite core commonly used in high-frequency transformer for you.

In general, the magnetic core has EI, EE, EC, U, UF, and other models. When selecting the ferrite core, we should be based on the highest working frequency of the power transformer.

  1. EP Ferrite Core

The circular core column or EP ferrite core is a three-dimensional structure. Except for the end in contact with PCB board, it completely wraps the winding and has an excellent shielding effect. This unique shape minimizes the effect of the air gap on the contact surface during assembly of the two cores and provides a greater volume and overall space utilization ratio.


(OUGE EP Ferrite Core)

  1. EC, ETD, EER Ferrite Core

These types of ferrite core structures are between the e-type and the canister type. Like the e-cores, they provide enough space for electricity to flow through. Compared with rectangular cuboids with the same cross-section, the central cylinder can reduce the length of single-turn winding by 11%, thus reducing the copper loss by 11%. At the same time, the core can provide higher output power. Compared with the rectangular center column, the cylindrical shape also avoids damaging the rectangular edge.


(OUGE ETD Ferrite Core)

  1. RM Ferrite Core

Compared with the canister ferrite core, two symmetrical sides of the canister core are cut off, which is more conducive to heat dissipation and large size of the leads. The needleless bobbin can be installed with a pair of pliers. Also, RM ferrite core can be made into the flat shape.


(OUGE RM Ferrite Core)

  1. PQ Ferrite Core

PQ ferrite core is specifically designed for switching power inductors and transformers. The PQ shape optimization design of the core volume maximizes the inductance and possible area provided by the minimum core. This design allows for maximum power output and minimal PCB mounting space through the minimal transformer. At the same time, it can be fixed with a pair of clamps. The effective sectional area design also makes the ferrite core circuit more uniform.


(OUGE PQ Ferrite Core)

  1. E Ferrite Core

Compare with the canister type core, the E-type core has a lower cost and is relatively simple to assemble. The shape of the core is the most widely used, but it cannot provide self-shielding. The E-core can be installed in different directions and can also be used in several high power applications. The core can be made into a flat shape, and planar transformers are now very popular. It is also suitable for the bobbin without pin, cause its heat dissipation function is incredible, which can be used in combination, suitable for general power inductor and transformer.


(OUGE EE Ferrite Core)

  1. Ring Ferrite Core

The ring ferrite core is the most economical for the manufacturer, and the cost is the lowest of all comparable cores. Since the bobbin is used, the additional and assembly costs are zero. The winding machine also can be used when suitable.

Selecting Principle

The selection of the ferrite core model rules is also based on certain principles, including:

  • Try to use the existing transformer bobbin
  • It shall conform to the given sectional area and saturation flux density of the circuit design.
  • It shall meet the requirements of the installation and the requirements of total power and frequency.
  • The insulation material shall be safe and reliable.

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