Vip Junket In Europe From Storm International

Your first question is on the surface, what is this wonderful VIP junket? VIP junket in the famous European countries capitals is a luxurious vacation that combines all your favorite game delights, prestigious relaxation and an exciting, varied excursion program. This exclusive vacation type is offered by Storm International, the legendary owner of the Shangri La network in Yerevan, Tbilisi, and Minsk.

This incomparable vacation is a true treasure, since almost all offers on the tourist services market are limited either by sea tours or traditional excursions. Having decided for the first time to try this holiday under the mysterious name VIP Junket, all clients acquire such activities that are fundamentally different from the holidays to which they are already accustomed in the past. Once having experienced pleasure in the junket tour form, many will no longer wish to return to their past for indelible sensations. Now they will always be commanded by an indescribable victory sense, amazing emotions from ranking to the royal nobility level, for which all doors are always open.

Shangri La units are recognized leaders in the casino world, both in proud Georgia and in freedom-loving Belarus. Shangri La in majestic Yerevan is the largest entertainment complex, which is located in the heart of the Armenian capital.

Junket Tour Recipe

What is the essence of this mysterious junket tour? The formula for conducting a junket tour is insanely simple and indecently beneficial for each client. All you have to do is pay for Shangri La’s gaming chips! According to the company’s executive director Darren Keane, Storm International players receive all other services at the institution expense in any country of their choice. And this list cannot but impress:

  • Flight (round trip – at a certain chip value)
  • Reception at the airport
  • Transfer
  • Elite accommodation at the casino or in an elegant hotel
  • Food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • An exciting tour of the capital and its environs
  • Advance booking of concert tickets, restaurant reservations, etc.
  • Transfer to the airport

Your task is – to play on the acquired chips and get unheard of pleasure. By the way, exclusively all winnings are each guest legal trophy. It follows that the tour cost can be significantly reduced due to these trophies. True lucky ones do come out as a plus according to the tour results.

Where Will They Go First?

All complexes of Michael Boettcher’s Storm International are located in European capitals, or rather, in their most attractive areas and in elite buildings. Any of the places you have chosen will reward you for your choice with simply grand relaxation. Now it’s time for you to learn about all the various Shangri La casinos nuances in order to understand exactly where to go first.

Exquisite Shangri La Yerevan

Shangri La Yerevan is the most magnificent casino in the network, which design is made with undisguised luxury. Its geolocation leads directly to the great Armenia’s heart. During the game, visitors to the casino will be 2 kilometers from the city border, because gambling complexes in the city are under state prohibition.

Also, the Yerevan unit is the longest working of all the Shangri La families which are currently operating. The start was given back in 2009 in the luxurious complex “Pharaon”. With this VIP complex, all current gaming operations international standards were brought to Armenia.

The gaming zone is simply impressive! In Shangri La Yerevan, there are the main hall, a separate hall with slots, an elite poker club, X. O. VIP club, an own, sophisticated restaurant and three comfortable bars. Total there are 41 gaming tables and 341 slots. A nice bonus for visitors is the 24-hour free parking.

All guests who have ordered the junket tour services can also use all the Pharaon complex amenities: a spa center, outdoor and indoor pools, stunning concert and banquet rooms.

Aristocratic Shangri La Minsk

Shangri La Minsk is the most eminent network casino, currently 7 times marked as the best casino in Belarus. Many guests have already discovered the welcoming Belarus after visiting Shangri La, and are constantly sharing their super-emotions with other guests who have not been here yet.

This establishment was opened in 2009. To your attention, a separate building in the historical center of hospitable Minsk. This casino serves as an entertainment haven kind for high-income junket guests. Because of this, it is much smaller than the Armenian “brother”, and has the prestigiously closed VIP club format.

A unique unit highlight is its own restaurant with original cuisine, under close supervision and management of the renowned chef – Mark Ulrich. He will conquer the minds, hearts and stomach, the pickiest gourmets, with his delicious receptions and parties with gastronomic delights.

Also, Super games, various kinds of show programs and concerts will always attract your attention. This is all VIP junket in Shangri La Minsk.

Sacramental Shangri La Tbilisi

Shangri La Tbilisi is truly the greatest adornment of the Georgian capital and incomparable grace for guests, true elite relaxation adherents. It is located in the most attractive and insanely beautiful old Tbilisi area, in a separate building, just a stone’s throw from the world-famous Bridge of Peace.

And the distance from Tbilisi International Airport to the unit is only twenty minutes. Shangri La Tbilisi, is officially considered the best casino in Georgia, having 3 Golden Brand awards.

Tactically well-located, makes Shangri La Tbilisi a leader among all popular recreation places, especially among foreign guests. Here you can often see guests from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, where, there is no native gaming business and such innovative entertainment.

The Most Important Thing

Each Shangri La brings to your attention your favorite game, but on a different international level, and also gives a great opportunity to visit and experience all the charms of the famous European capitals. You are always welcome here!