Amazing Features of Windows 10

Amazing Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 belongs to a Microsoft series of operating systems that started to get used by the public in July 2015. It is a successor to Windows 8.1 and is full of new features. Windows 10 has improved a lot compared to the previous series and has incorporated various amazing features to help people and make it useful for them. It continuously receives new builds, but it does not impose an additional cost on users.

The new features help it run across various product families of Microsoft, such as PC, smartphones, surface hubs, tablets, etc. It has also been praised upon its release and is appreciated for the new and innovative features that have increased its worth in the market.

The company aims to ensure its presence in the majority of the devices and has successfully reached the target over the years.

The Topmost Amazing Features of Windows 10

Some of the prominent features that have made it recognized in the market are listed down below:

  1. Universal Apps

The seamless transition across devices, software, Universal Apps, is introduced in Windows 10, which aims to ease moving files and documents within different methods. It also stores only one copy by detecting duplicates in the system and removing them.

  1. Improved Multitasking

Another set of windows can run by Windows 10 without the physical monitor. A whole virtual desktop can get set for different programs without opening multiple windows on the same desktop. Snap view multitasking feature is also updated by which different windows appear on four sides of the device’s screen.

  1. Unified Control Panel

Microsoft has decreased the confusion that is caused because of two separate device setting controls by merging them, which includes both, PC settings and control panel. In this way, settings are managed from a single place.

  1. Action Center

Looking at all the notifications in one place, the action center replaces the charms menu. It works by collecting notifications from all the installed applications and displays them altogether. It also helps to deal with different settings and connectivity options in the fastest possible way.

  1. Continuum

Windows 10 has made it easier to switch between different modes in case of hybrid laptop-tablet devices. The system does so by detecting whether the device is plugged into a keyboard and mouse or is being used without them. By identifying, it starts working according to the system it is being used as.

  1. Snipping Tool

The snipping tool in Windows 10 has made it easier to take screenshots on laptops and PCs. Though other conventional techniques and codes can still be used, this tool has eased capturing the screenshot and saving, cropping, and editing.

  1. Xbox App

With the help of improved speed and graphics, Xbox App in Windows 10 will help in streaming Xbox One game on PC and Laptops using a home network. It will allow recording the victories in the game and sharing it too. Also, it will help connect one player to the other friend who is playing using the same application.

  1. Cortana on Desktop:

Cortana, a voice-controlled digital assistant, is developed by Microsoft in its Windows 10 to help people efficiently deliver their message to the device to make it understand and act accordingly. It can help in searching for files and can send emails too hence, promoting multitasking to a new level.

All the features mentioned above make Windows 10 a beneficial modification in the series. The innovative features have attracted a lot of people across the globe and are continuing to do so because every human wants ease, and this is what Windows 10 is working for.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Windows 10 fulfills the requirements of present times and is successfully modified compared to the previous versions. It has shown improvement in features and helped the users to perform various functions in less time, making it time efficient and advanced operating system of the present time. For More Detail CLICK HERE