Month: August 2020

4 Essential Steps To Disallow Spam Comments On WordPress Site

As the internet becomes the global hub for the business, it becomes easy for non-tech savvy to connect and earn. Website development through CMS, like WordPress, becomes one of the easiest ways to start your own business. The cheap WordPress hosting, affordable domain price, is all you needed to get yourself started. However, in this […]

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Is Affiliate Marketing Booming These Days?

The growth of e-commerce as a means of purchase impacts several segments of the economy. This digital environment has changed the way companies think and do marketing. Searching for the most efficient way to impact the target audience, businesses are forced to innovate continuously. In response to these factors and changes, we see affiliate marketing […]

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Wealth Management and Private Equity

Private equity or private equity is a way of financing unlisted companies that is to say outside the financial markets by providing them with equity through temporary equity investments, and thus participating in their development and value gain. Capital is collected from investors through mutual funds (FCPR, FCPI, FIP) and professional private equity funds (FPCI) […]

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