HostWithLove Review– Fully Managed Web Hosting

Along with many clients of Site5 (and HostGator, Arvixe, ASO, etc.), I became concerned when I realized that my trusted hosting provider of a decade had been acquired by the notorious Endurance International Group (EIG). For those unfamiliar about EIG, take a look at and basically any other Google search on “EIG hosting.”



It wasn’t long before my hosting service was affected by endless EIG migration problems. The MySQL service would just break down for no reason and contacting their support was first of all pointless because they take forever to reply (it took nearly 19 hours for a staff to reply to my High Priority ticket) and by then my clients were already flooding me with emails asking me why their WordPress websites were not loading.


A provider can either make or break your business, and it is true. Thankfully it was a weekend when the issue occurred so I managed to alleviate majority of my clients by letting them know their websites would definitely be up before Monday’s morning.


I spent the next few hours researching for a new provider and shortlisted a few. Of the few shortlisted, I sent them sales tickets asking for assistance in transferring of my websites from Site5. 2 hours later, one of them responded and this eventually became the provider I am now working with. This provider is none other than HostWithLove. Jansen picked up my pre-sales ticket and upon understanding the predicament I am in, he immediately escalated a transfer of my websites from Site5 to their servers. Throughout the entire transfer he was there providing me with detailed responses letting me know how much time remained until the transfer was complete. Lo and behold, I was up and running by Sunday morning, one full day ahead of what was planned!


Came Monday morning, clients were letting me know that their websites were up and running. Now here is the redeeming factor: Many of them were actually asking me what I did, because their websites were running significantly faster than it was before. I wasn’t really sure of this, so I sent a support ticket to HostWithLove asking them if they can let me know how to respond to my clients. Within 30 minutes or so I got a response from Trevor letting me know that on their servers they used a combination of enterprise softwares such as LiteSpeed and MariaDB which helps to boost page loading speed of content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Since many of my clients are using WordPress, naturally this is a huge benefit. Another point mentioned was that they offered hosting in several locations and my picking of a server location that was closer to my clients (Los Angeles since my clients were based on the West Coast – Jansen recommended this during my pre-sales exchange). Needless to say, I am extremely happy with my decision to have went with HostWithLove.


So far I have been hosting with HostWithLove for about 7 months and everything is running VERY smoothly. I use an uptime monitor called UptimeRobot to track the uptime status of my clients’ websites and every single month since February has been an astounding 100%. Going back to my point on a provider either making or breaking your business, HostWithLove is definitely the one that helps to make your business. Everything just works as it should and I now sleep freely at night knowing my websites are in good hands.