Pros and Cons of Having Your Smartphone Repaired

Smartphone Repaired

I am sure that you have experienced this scenario at least once, or you have seen someone else do it. You are walking along, chatting with friends, texting on your smartphone when, seemingly out of nowhere, someone cuts you off, you bump into them and your expensive smartphone dislodges from your grip. As it crashes to the ground, your life flashes before your eyes. You envision your smartphone shattering into a million pieces. But, it lands, in one piece, on the ground, screen side down. You hope for the best as you reach to pick it up. Unfortunately, the screen is shattered. It doesn’t even turn on so you can post about your misfortune on Instagram.

Now, you are left with two choices: spend a lot of money on a brand new smartphone, or, save money and have your smartphone professionally repaired by the experienced technicians at Funkyphones. The obvious choice for most people is to have their smartphone repaired. Having your smartphone repaired is a very good option for anyone looking to save money and still have their trusty smartphone.

If you are considering having your smartphone repaired, there are some pros and cons you should know about before spending your money.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of having your smartphone repaired:

Pros Of Having Your Smartphone Repaired

Save Money- one of the biggest advantages of having your smartphone repaired is that you will save a lot of money over the cost of a new smartphone. The experienced technicians at Funkyphones can make your smartphone look and function just like new.

It Is Environmentally Friendly- having your smartphone repaired is an environmentally friendly option to purchasing a brand new smartphone. Purchasing a new smartphone means that your old smartphone could end causing environmental damage in a landfill.

Warranty- most smartphone repair dealers offer a warranty on the smartphones they fix. This assures you that if anything goes wrong with the smartphone in the predetermined time period, you can return it for repair.

Cons Of Having Your Smartphone Repaired

Physical Defects- when you have your smartphone repaired, there is only so much the repair technician can do. Any physical defects that were already on your smartphone such as scratches or dings will still be there.

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