Get More With These 3 Simple Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is considered as one of the most successful mobile apps, along with Facebook and Twitter. Being a social media platform, Instagram connects people in its own unique way which is through sharing pictures. Through time, the app has grown and expanded as proven by the numerous features that it boasts now such as the Direct Messaging, Stories, Multiple Photos, and more. From being a photo-sharing app, it has now become a fully-fledged social media platform.

Nowadays, social media platforms have also evolved to become more than just pictures and smileys. Lately, businesses have been seeing the potential of websites like Facebook and mobile applications such as Instagram.

Much like any other social media sites, Instagram can also be very useful for businesses. Take a look at these Instagram marketing tips to boost your profile and fully reach the potential of your business:

Focus a little bit more on Visuals


Unlike the other social media sites around today, Instagram puts a greater value on visuals rather than the words. Although a strong caption might help, having a post with eye-catching visuals might work better in attracting more in the market. To do this, you can hire professional Visual Designers to do the visual work for you. Also, make sure that the visuals are consistent and revolve around a theme such as a specific color scheme.

Short contests can go a long way


Weekly or monthly contests may attract more people to your page since word of mouth can travel very fast in the world of social media today. With Instagram contests/ games, you can promote products as prizes or give free tickets to events presented by your business. Aside from that, social media games attract people due to its extremely low level of difficulty and low requirement for time in order to participate.

Invest on advertisements and partnerships

Aside from building your profile, you can also partner up with Instagram sensations or other businesses to endorse for you. Partnerships can attract the eyes of Instagram users because collaborations are usually portrayed as something fresh. Ads are now also available on Instagram and investing on a few minutes of exposure can help your business a lot.

Social media platforms connect people and businesses need people to be their buyers, which is why social media is now being used as a platform for marketing. Social media is seen as a perfect marketing tool because no matter what time it is, there will always be people connected to them.